How to Get Supervisor Pass code


Supervisor PassCode is the authority given by the Supervisor to a staff to install the Qrpho app on any device.  This is important to determine who is giving authorizations to install the Qrpho app for attendance.  This is an additional layer of security protocol to ensure that not any Qrpho app can access the QRpho website of the client.  All QRpho connections must be authorized.

The Supervisor PassCode can be deactivated by the Qrpho admin anytime he feels there is abuse in the distribution of the passcodes.  The Qrpho admin can also change the Supervisor Passcode by going to the Qrpho Website then to the App Authorization menu.

The Supervisor passcode is needed when installing QRpho app.  It appears after the App Authorization ID is entered.


1.   Go to App Authorization menu in the Dashboard

2.  Go to the Supervisor Authorization PassCodes and choose the Supervisor’s name you want to get the Passcode on.

3.  Take note of the Passcode. You will need this login info to install the Qpho app in any device.

4.  Make sure that the Supervisor Passcode Status is turned ON (blue) to indicate that the passcode is active and usable for app installation.


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