Functions and Uses of QRpho App on Staff Access Mode


Staff Access Mode is used when management allows the employees to have access to their attendance data online.  Here, employees must have online USER ACCOUNTS created via the USERS menu for them to use this mode. The QRpho system automatically creates the online user accounts as employee names are added into the system.  So, HR admin just have to open the USERS menu to get the usernames and passwords of employees and distribute them.

Default username of the employee is the full name (all letter characters, no special characters, of the first name(s), middle initial, family name and suffixes) like May-Ann C. Sandoval Jr.’s username is mayanncsandovaljr.  The default password is 1234 . However, upon your first login, the system asks you to reset the password before allowing you to proceed for privacy protection.  If you forget your password, just ask HR to reset the password for you.  HR won’t know your password but they can reset it. Once you receive your new password, just change it to something else for privacy.

In Staff Access Mode, the QRpho app allows the user to use the QR Code ID of the staff for login or logout in the tablet in the office instead of using a PVC ID or paper.  No cost to print the QR Code ID anymore. Just tap the QR CODE button to launch the QR Code ID then use it for logging and logging out.

The staff attendance data online can also be accessed by tapping the “ATTENDANCE” button.  The app will open the browser and prompts the staff to enter his/her login details.  He/She must obtain his/her login details from HR in order to access his/her attendance data online anywhere.   








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