Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about QRpho. If you still have questions, you may send us a message or create a ticket.

Why QRpho?

We have an existing biometric system. Why should we shift to QRpho?

It is already common knowledge that the accuracy of the biometric system to read your thumb print is not so high.  When you have an injury in your thumb, is oily, dirty thumb rest or some other reason, the biometric is no longer accurate in capturing the attendance data.  Sometimes, it will take more than three (3) attempts before the biometric machine captures the correct biometric data of the employee. Because of the inaccuracy, the trust level is no longer high.  Knowing that the system do not accurately capture their biometric data, the tendency is for people to still keep on writing in the logbook all their login/logout info for reference .  On the other hand, QRpho’s scanning accuracy of the QR Coded IDs is 100% so you are assured that your login/logout data is accurate. In addition, it also captures a selfie photo to ensure no fictitious attendance data are entered into the system. Login/logout adjustments also require approval reference to be attached in the system so any unauthorized tinkering of attendance record will be prevented.  The attendance data can also be viewed anytime anywhere via the Internet.  So if you are the business owner or manager, you can take comfort that even if you are away on travel, your people are still reporting for work in the office. You can monitor their attendance anywhere.  Knowing that your system is fool-proof, your employees will be hesitant to fool around.  With a very accurate attendance data, you save a lot on your payroll expenses.  The cost of the QRpho subscription is way too low compared to your savings.

Wifi or Internet Connection Problems

What if there is no WIFI connection during the login/logout?

You can just sync the attendance data once the WIFI connection is available or you can go to a place where there is a WIFI connection and sync the tablet by pressing the three (3) vertical dots on the top right and press the “Re-Upload Attendance Today” if data not sync are today’s attendance.  If data not sync include data from previous days, then press “Sync with Server” and wait for all the data to be uploaded to the website.  Then, check the website if the attendance data are now updated.

We are a school located in a rural area where Internet or WIFI access is very limited. How can we use QRpho?

Even if your school is located in the rural area, you can still use the QRpho Attendance system and sync the attendance of your teacher personnel to the QRpho website by just using the QRpho app installed in the tablet.  Just login and logout regularly in the app making sure that all attendance data are recorded in the app by checking the Log Activity of the app.  Just click/touch the three (3) vertical dots in the top right of the app, enter the Username and Password to check the Log Activity.  At the end of the payroll period, you can go to an Internet Cafe or other areas where there is WIFI connection, sync the attendance data for the month by clicking/touching the “Sync with Server” link so the data will uploaded to the QRPho website of your School.  You then access your QRpho website in the Internet Cafe to check if all the attendance data are uploaded in the site.  If okay, then check if there are login/logout deficiencies.  If there incomplete login/logouts, just have the teacher concerned execute a Login/Logout Adjustment Approval request so the attendance data can be edited. The system won’t allow editing without a document attachment.  However, you can attach the document even if there is no approval yet to facilitate editing of the payroll data in time for the payroll payment day.  Just change the file once the approval is there.  The approval reference is for Audit and top management reference.  It is up to them to declare no approval login/logout adjustments as violation of company policy or not.  Once all the login/logout deficiencies are adjustment, you can now print the Daily Time Record (DTR) for signature of the teachers.

Problems with QR Code ID

We don't have QR IDs yet. How can we start?

You can start immediately by printing the QR Code IDs in a photo paper. You can use the Printable QR IDs sample template in our site. Just change the Logo, name of the employee, ID number and the QR code then you are ready for testing.  Once you are comfortable of the system, then you can have the real PVC IDs with QR codes printed for your employees or students.  For a reasonable fee, you can have the IDs designed and printed by us to ensure that the QR codes ID are readable by our system.  You can also do it yourself by following this procedure “How to Create the Personnel IDs with QR codes?“.

What if I lost my QR Code ID?

As a backup, you can scan or snap a mobile picture of your QR Code ID and store it your cellphone.  You can have the scanned copy printed in photo paper just in case you lose the original one.  Other employees are using the mobile capture of their QR ID for logging in the system instead of the original PVC ID.  Using the Samsung Tablet 3V, the system accurately and quickly reads the QR code.  It is okay to use the mobile capture of your QR ID for logging in and out.  Anyway, the system captures your selfie photo to ensure that you are really the one logging in or out.  HR people can detect you eventually if you are using other people to login for you.

Problems with Logging in and Logging Out

When the employee logins to the QRpho app, it says, "The employee is not registered." I have encoded the name of the employee already in the website.

Even if you have encoded already the name of the employee in the website, there are cases when the app will register an error like “Employee is not registered..”  when the employee logins/logout using his/her QR Code ID.  Here are the following causes of the error:

  1.  The QR Code in the ID is wrong.  The text in the QR code must be the same as the name of the employee encoded in the website.
  2. There is an extra space in the name in the QR Code ID causing mismatch with what is encoded in the website.  Check also if there is an extra space in the middle of the name in the website.
  3. The name contains a Spanish character ñ or Ñ.  Android cannot read properly Spanish characters. So if ever you have an employee whose name or family name contains these characters, change the character to n or N in the website and in the QR code so it will be readable by the app.
  4. You have encoded the employee names correctly in the website but you have not downloaded the employee data yet to the app.  If error happens, first try again “Downloading the Employee Data” in the app.  Just go to the vertical menus in the app located in the upper right side of the screen. Click/touch “Download Employee Data”.  Once completed, please have the employee login/logout again to check if the error is gone.  If not, check other causes of error as shown abvoe.


How do I know that I have incomplete login/logouts for the payroll period?

You can access your attendance data, the login and logouts in the QRpho app of the tablet if your company allows you to access the attendance data.  Some companies restrict access to the attendance data of other personnel. That is why this access option in the tablet is password protected.  You can ask your Payroll in-charge for the password if you want to access your attendance data.  Further, you can also directly ask your Payroll in-charge of your login/logout deficiencies for the month.  He/She can always access the attendance in the website.

There are times that I forgot to login or logout during the day. What do I do?

Most often employees fail to login or logout during lunch time either due to some valid reasons like errands, out-of-office meetings, preoccupation with existing work or some not so valid reasons like forgetfulness or negligence.  Depending on your company policy, you can request for login or logout adjustments at the end of the month by filling up a form like this and have it approved by your Officer so the Payroll in-charge can adjust your Daily Time Record (DTR). You can have our sample form customized for your organization so you can use it as supporting document for any attendance data adjustment.  Your total worked hours in the DTR will be inaccurate if you will not make the login/logout adjustments.

Forms and Reports

Your system requires all attendance data adjustment like login/logout, paid leaves, and overtime must be properly approved. We don't any existing forms for that. Do you have sample forms that we copy and customize?

We have sample forms that you can use and customize. Just download them and edit.

QRpho App Problems

Why is it that when I install the app for the first time, it shows an error?

Please check if your tablet meets the system requirements of Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or onwards.  To know the Android version of your tablet, just go to the “About Phone” in the Settings section and check the Android version there.  If your version is lower than 4.4 then you must update your Android system.

Why is that when I download the Employee Data in the app, there are no employees downloaded when I check on the Log Activity.

Please check if you have properly encoded the ID Numbers of the employee.  Make sure no one has a 000 ID number.  Have 000 as ID number hinders the website from sending the employee data to the app.  If you happen to have a 000 ID number, just edit the 000 ID number to the correct one then download again the employee data in the app.  Once the download activity is done, the names of the employees will show up in the Log Activity in the app although no attendance login/logout yet.

Leaves Problems

I added the Leave Notices but it is not showing in the Leaves Notice List and in the DTR.

Please check the filename of the Approval Reference document. The filename must not exceed 50 characters. If the filename exceeds 50 characters, the Leave Notice will not be displayed in the List of Leave Notices as well as in the DTR.

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us or you may read additional information at the Help Center.