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How to set up your free trial QRpho account?

1 Fill up the the “Free Trial Request Form” on the left.
2 Within 24 hours, check your email or cellphone for the details of your free trial account as well as instructions on how to setup.
3 Login to your QRpho website and get your App Authorization ID and Supervisor Passcode. Then download the QRpho app in the homepage of this website,
4 Install the QRpho app in your Android tablet or cellphone. Please read the following guide to help you in your setup.
5 Encode the list of Employees or upload a CSV file in your QRpho website .  The QR Code IDs are automatically generated by the system as you encode the names. Make sure the ID numbers are correct as it will be the basis for attendance tracking.
6 Print the QR Code IDs of the employees by going to the “QR Code IDs” menu using a bond paper or photo paper as a temporary ID. You can have the employees save the QR Code image also in their cellphones or let them install the Qrpho app and set to “Staff Access” so that they can use the QR Code anytime to login/logout in the tablet/cellphone or in case of loss of ID.
7 Connect your tablet to the Internet using WIFI or cellular data and wait for a few minutes for the Employee Data to sync in the tablet/cellphone.
8 Check if the list of the employees are already there in the Log Activity screen by tapping on the 3 dots on the top right of the tablet/cellphone. The password for the Log Activity is found in the Settings menu in your QRpho website.
9 Test the printed QR Code IDs if the tablet/cellphone recognizes the name of the employee. Just tap the LOGIN/LOGOUT buttons and scan the QR Code IDs.
10 Then, you are now ready to test the system. Monitor the attendance of your employees in the “Daily Attendance” menu of your QRpho website.