How to Create the Personnel ID with QR Codes

QR Coded IDs are automatically generated by the system once the employee names and ID numbers are encoded in the QRpho system.


number1Prepare the list of your employees or students with their complete name (First Name, M.I., Last Name) and ID Number listed the name in All Caps case in this way:

ID No. 01-531200

It is very important that the names and the ID numbers are correct at this stage most particularly the ID number. The ID number is being used by the system as employee identifier and is permanent.  Information pertaining to the edited ID number will be treated as a separate employee record.

ID number must be unique for all employees regardless of branch location.


Login to your QRpho website and add the employees by going to the Employee menu.  If you have added the employees already, go to the QR Code ID menu and select the employee ID you want to print. You can select all if you want to print all the IDs of the employees. You can print the QR IDs using a photo paper as a temporary ID.  Once the logins and logouts of the employees have normalized, you can have a PVC ID printed for the employees.  You can order QRpho IDs from us and we will mail them to you. Just send us an email for your QRpho PVC IDs.