Proud moment! QRpho’s first public event. First day of the 2019 Regional Congress of HRMPs organized by the Civil Service Commission – Region 8. People were amazed and having fun at the new technology in monitoring attendance. It’s high-tech and world-class. Probably, the first event in the country with such high tech event monitoring of attendance. Queries from LGUs, schools, and government agencies are pouring in. You may see QRpho powering attendance monitoring in various Congress/conferences in the country as well us in LGUs, schools and government agencies.
Photo Credit: Dominique Fabillar

See Facebook post here[0]=AZWO6xI3muY7duyOxl9CUR3GcoPlWp6zo1kcsbHWgWHw26GgrHsI-7nl8INl94X-gbinRAMlXnLiHRteIfNApjCqEQbP380gbV8eo6ZCx1vWTRwL7XgKF6hy4Z_hzsJRWEtPHSN1SfarKgmQP7n0MspcbRXlMRih49fSFUqh3rbQLA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R