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Volume users? QRpho offers discounted rates to large businesses and educational institutions. Just send us a message to inquire.

Not satisfied after 3 months? Just send us a message to request for a refund.

Want a customized report format to fit your gov’t or company policy? QRpho can customize reports to fit your needs. Just send us a message to inquire.

Suggest Enhancements? Just send us a message so we can queue all your requests during our development.

Awesome Features

QRpho Mobile app

Pre-configured to sync to your QRpho website.

Free Update

We are continuously improving our system. As a customer, you are entitled to free updates.

Free Email Support

Whenever you have problems, you can email us for support.

QRpho Attendance Monitoring Website

You are assigned a website where you can monitor all the attendance information anytime anywhere.

Secure Data

The security of your data is important to us. We are implementing various security measures to protect your data.

Multi-location Capability

Can sync attendance of your branches located anywhere around the world.

Regular Backup of Data

Data are being backed up regularly during weekends and month ends. We are also doing redundant backup of your data in an off-site location.


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a demo account?

YES. Just request a demo account by clicking this link.  Once we receive your request, we will email you the login details of your QRpho website as well the download link for your QRpho app.  Your demo account is good for 30 days and no need of Credit Card.

I have paid my subscription to you and before the year ends, I decided to cancel my subscription. Can I get a refund?

YES, you can get a refund of the unused portion of your payment.  Just email us your request for cancellation so we can process your refund.

What if there is no WIFI connection during the time of Login/Logout?

You can just sync the attendance data once the WIFI connection is available or you can go to a place where there is a WIFI connection and sync the tablet by pressing the three (3) vertical dots on the top right and press the “Re-Upload Attendance Today” if data not sync are today’s attendance.  If data not sync include data from previous days, then press “Sync with Server” and wait for all the data to be uploaded to the website.  Then, check the website if the attendance data are now updated.

What are the payment methods available if I want to subscribe to you?

You can pay us via Paypal, deposit to our Metrobank account, remittance via Palawan Pawnhop, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC or Western Union. Payee details will be sent to you via email once you make the subscription order.

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Still have questions?

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